Masterscreen –Pft  System
Includes MasterScreen PFT and MasterScreen Body/Diff with single-breath hold and non-breath hold diffusion tests, rebreathing diffusion during lung volume maneuver, integrated dosimetry and a full line of MasterScreen Suite technologies >>More

Masterscreen –Body

Spacious cabin with integrated sensors for box and mouth pressure as well as easy-to-exchange, heated pneumotach for a determination of flow and volume and a quick shutter. Patient comfort is assisted by height-adjustable seat and easy-to-handle support arm >>More

Masterscreen baby body Plethysmograph

Test babies and premature infants in our transparent plethysmograph using technology that focuses on tidal breathing analysis and double occlusion airway resistance. >>More

IOS (Impulse Spirometry)
Based on the recording of a few tidal breaths, impulse oscillometry has demonstrated to be more sensitive under resting conditions than spirometry in measuring small airways obstruction, post bronshodilator effects and bronchial hyper-responsiveness. >> More


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